Paul Gilgunn is a composer, musician, and producer broadly working across the avant-garde and the popular, primarily associated with electronic, improvised, minimalist, and post-rock music.

The aesthetic evident across his diverse and vital body of work is characterised by an avant-gardism that engages and expands subjectivity. This activity encompasses a variety of approaches, forms, genres, instruments, and techniques, and collaborative, ensemble, and solo projects that often involve cross-disciplinary activities with literature, video, video games, and visual art.

Paul has collaborated and performed with leading artists including Rhys Chatham, Tony Conrad, David Daniell, Hans Joachim-Roedelius, Cora Venus Lunny, Robbie Malone, Nick Roth, Danny Snow, and Jennifer Walshe. He is currently preparing new collaborations, installations, performances, and recordings using  electronics, guitars, percussion, synths, 808s, and more.

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