Golden_Profit (2018)

Golden_Profit (2018) for electric guitar, voice, electronics, tape, and visuals is a multimedia work for solo performer that examines the possibilities of immanence and liberty in the context of late-capitalism. The tape part uses a cut-up technique that cycles through a range of modalities related to the justly-tuned sounds created by guitar, voice, and tape in combination with guitar effects units. The performance improvises with these elements to alternately juxtapose, and mirror the tape part and the visual component of the work which combines still images with text from Amergin, William Blake, and Mark Fisher. A short video excerpt of the music in preparation for its debut live performance earlier this year is included below, as well as some stills from the visuals. A recording and video piece is in the works, and expected to be ready in 2019.


Video excerpt: preparing the music of Golden_Profit for a live performance in 2018.




Visual images from Golden_Profit: photos of street art from Liberty Lane, Dublin



Concert poster: Resonances 29 featuring Golden_Profit by Cathal Rodgers.

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