DDÁDADORHELYO is an antiphonal musical work for multiple justly-tuned dádaddguitars, dádabass, and dádadrums. This seventy-minute composition fuses elements from ancient Irish overtone instrumentals, downtown post-minimalism, and no wave rock. The music combines non-notated elements — specifically, extended techniques of improvising rhythms and timbres — with notated antiphonal passages moving through several time signatures. The work premiered at The Scene + Heard Festival, Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin on 28 February 2016.

DDÁDADORHELYO premiere at Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin (left to right):  Shay Cosgrave (drums), Jay Bagnall (drums),  Amy McDonagh (guitar 4), Paul Gilgunn (guitar 1), Edwina Hopkinson (guitar 2), Liam Caffrey (guitar 3), Liam Cagney (bass), and Paul Cronly (gongs).

In live performance, DDÁDADORHELYO is a continuous musical form presented as a site-specific work using numerous discrete points of sound around the audience; this serves to exploit the acoustic, psychoacoustic, and spatial possibilities inherent in the loudly amplified music of extended duration. The stage set-up for the debut performance is outlined in the artist’s impression below. In this image, the coloured circles are the musicians (green: guitars, orange: bass, purple: drums), and the position of amplifiers and kits (rectangles and squares) in corresponding colours. This perspective is to the left of guitar 4, above the stage area looking across at guitar 2, with guitar 3 on the right of the image with an amp suspended overhead. Bass, double-drums, and guitar 1 are on the stage area below; there is another percussionist (large Chinese gongs) beside guitar amp 3 also.


DDÁDADORHELYO stage set-up for performance at Smock Alley Theatre, 2016.

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